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XKCD - Duty Calls

SQL MCM Day 7: One Week Down

Whew. The first week was taught by Paul Randal (Blog – @PaulRandal) and Kimberly Tripp (Blog – @KimberlyLTripp), the husband-and-wife team of former Microsofties who founded  To call them good trainers is an epic understatement.  They know how to deliver very, very technical material in ways that illustrate it well.  I had to stop…
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(Not really.)

Dear Blog Author

We need to talk. You may not know me, but I’m one of your readers.  You’ve become part of my routine.  I really like your stuff, but I’ve never really said anything until now.  I don’t want to leave a comment, because there’s not really a place in your blog to leave comments like this. …
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Dangerous Interview Question

Salary Negotations During the Interview

On Twitter, Pat Wright posed a question: Dangerous Interview Question My answer: it depends.  (Hey, I’m a DBA, right? Isn’t that always the answer?)  My favorite salary negotiation book recommends postponing the salary question as late as possible during the hiring process, but I don’t think that’s realistic.  I don’t go house shopping without looking…
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