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Common Entity Framework Problems: N + 1

I wanna dance with common problems One of the most common issues that I’ve seen with Entity Framework isn’t technically an Entity Framework problem at all. The N + 1 problem is an anti-pattern that is a problem with ORMs in general, which most often occurs with lazy loading. There was a lot going on…
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Updating Paste The Plan to use the Serverless Framework

I just updated PasteThePlan, and the change you’ll notice first is that we’re using the latest version of Justin Pealing’s html-query-plan. It adds missing index hints, yellow bangs for warnings like implicit conversions and no join predicate, and more. Check out this example plan: PasteThePlan, June 2018 Edition Plus variable line widths for different amounts…
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Paste The Plan…Now With Comments
8 Comments You didn’t ask but we listened: we have added comments to Paste The Plan. We’re always looking for way we can improve the tools that we provide to the community. One of the things we always thought that would be nifty was to add comments to the plans. So while we were finishing up…
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PasteThePlan October 2017 Update
We’re back at it again. We took a bit of time out of our busy schedule to put in a few enhancements into Here’s some of the highlights: Updated to the latest version of HTML Query Plan. In order to create a graphical query plan we use Justin Pealing’s awesome HTML Query Plan. Recently,…
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The Open Source Tools of Paste The Plan
If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of open source software. We like it so much that we recently released our First Responder Kit, including sp_Blitz, under the MIT license. So when we were building Paste The Plan, our free tool to share SQL Server execution plans, there was no question that we were going to use…
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Preparation, Is It In You?

Backups aren’t just for databases. Are you ready for the BitLocker of Doom? Back in 2012, I started on a journey of sharing my technical knowledge by giving technical presentations. Now this might scare the living jeepers out of most people, but I found it exciting and fulfilling. Since then, I try to speak at…
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