First Responder Kit

My free First Responder Kit (zip) is packed with scripts, worksheets, and checklists like:

  • sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzCache – free health check scripts
  • SQL Server Setup Checklist – with the common questions I get about configs
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning Worksheet – communicating your RPO and RTO clearly
  • The Data Professional Annual Salary Survey responses

It’s totally free because I’ve been there too. I know how hard it is to keep SQL Server fast and reliable, and I want to make your job easier. Later, if you need consulting or training for tough pains that have you stumped, I hope you’ll stop by.

Download the First Responder Kit, and if you want, you can also sign up for email reminders when I publish new versions:

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Also known as the fine manual that you probably won’t read at first. You’ll regret that later. It’s okay. I’m the same way.

Health Check: sp_Blitz

Is my SQL Server healthy, or sick?

Speed Check: sp_BlitzFirst

Why is my SQL Server slow right now?

Index Check: sp_BlitzIndex

Are my indexes designed for speed?

Query Check: sp_BlitzCache

Which queries have been using the most resources?

Who’s Doing What: sp_BlitzWho

Who’s running what queries right now?

Query Trending: sp_BlitzQueryStore

How has my query plan changed over time?

Brent Ozar

Need a SQL Server remote DBA consultant to help?

Don’t have time to learn the hard way? I’m here to help!

I wrote sp_Blitz because I’m a consultant, and I needed a quick, easy way to find out if a client’s server is in a safe space for consulting. sp_Blitz isn’t my end deliverable: it’s just the starting point to getting a fast, reliable Microsoft SQL Server.

I specialize in a quick SQL Critical Care® process that gets to the root cause of your database health and performance pains. I’ll get your entire team on the same page and teach you how to make your databases faster and more reliable.

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