Here’s the questions you love to ask us about our training classes. (Not all the questions – just the ones that come up the most often. You wouldn’t believe what we get via email.)

Q: Can I see what’s in the training classes?

Sure! In each class’s description, there are links to the individual modules in the class. (For live classes, check out the Instant Replay links.) You can see the module listings, time lengths, and read the first few sentences of the module’s descriptions.

Q: Can I ask questions about the material?

You bet – the modules have comment sections (visible only when you’re logged in) where you can ask questions about the content. Keep in mind that the questions need to be about the content – we won’t answer general questions about material we’re not covering in the class.

Q: Can I re-watch classes again?

Yes, you can re-watch them over and over during your subscription.

Q: What versions of SQL Server are covered?

The same ones Microsoft supports: SQL Server 2012 through current. We tend to focus on features that are supported with most versions of SQL Server. (For example, we don’t spend a lot of time on features that only work in SQL Server 2019 because so few folks use it.)

Q: What new videos will you be adding next?

We love adding new videos over time, but we don’t pre-announce specific modules. If there’s something you’d like to see, though, email us with the business pains you need to solve.

Q: Can I share my subscription with other people?

No, like a ticket to a movie, your training subscription is only for yourself. We love that you love our stuff and that you wanna share it – that’s awesome! But we make a living on this stuff, so we need to be paid fairly for our work. We think it’s a heck of a great deal at these prices, and we hope you do too.

Q: Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, it’ll automatically renew on the same credit card until you cancel. During checkout, you can see the dates & costs of your next renewal.

Renewal date shown during checkout

Monthly subscriptions renew after 30 days, and annual subscriptions renew after a year.

You can see your renewal date & price during checkout as shown at the right.

Q: When can I cancel?

Anytime you like. After logging in, go to My Subscriptions, and you can cancel your subscriptions, but keep using them up til the next billing cycle. Just click Cancel once, and it’ll show “Pending Cancelation” – that means you won’t be billed again. (If you click Cancel twice, you can outright cancel it period and it stops your access immediately. You probably don’t wanna do that.)

You don’t have to call and talk to a human being or anything. (I hate those kinds of subscriptions too.)

Q: Can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final.

Q: If I cancel and then subscribe again later, can I get the same price?

No. It’d be like filling up your car with gas, then going back to the same gas station a year later and saying you want to finish filling up. That transaction is over.

Q: Can I download the videos?

No, they’re streaming only.

Q: Can I download the slides and scripts?

For the Mastering classes yes – check out the Prerequisites module in each class. For the rest of the classes, no, they’re streaming video only.

Q: I’ve got a question you didn’t answer here.

Congratulations, you win! Contact us and ask to claim your free answer.