Production Database Administration

Most DBAs Say They’re Encrypting Personally Identifiable Data. Most.

Despite the continuous stream of data breaches, ransomware, and GDPR violations, some companies still aren’t encrypting personally identifiable information (PII) inside our databases or backups. I see this all the time when working with clients, but I can’t exactly talk about that or give numbers, so I decided to take a highly unscientific poll on…
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And it looks bad even in shades.

Office Hours, Short Text Answers Edition

Not all of the questions y’all post at require long, thought-out answers. Some are just one-line specials, like these: F’legend: Hi Brent, in reply to a question talking about database restores for 1TB+ you also touched on scrubbing or synthetic data as a way to populate dev environments. Are there any resources/tools you would…
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Your Turn: I’m Not Answering These 13 Office Hours Questions

Normally, after I do a round of Office Hours of going through the questions that got posted at, I answer the highly upvoted ones and then clear the queue. If y’all didn’t upvote questions, then I don’t answer ’em. However, today I’m trying something different: I’ll post the non-upvoted questions here for y’all to…
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