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Free Webcast: Help! My SQL Server Maintenance is Taking Too Long!

“Time for a smoke break.” You manage growing SQL Server databases with shrinking nightly maintenance windows. You just don’t have enough time left each night to do the necessary backups, corruption checking, index maintenance, and data jobs that your users and apps want to run. Cloud storage isn’t helping the problem, either. Stop playing Tetris…
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When Do I Need to Use DESC in Indexes?

If I take the Users table from any Stack Overflow database, put an index on Reputation, and write a query to find the top 100 users sorted by reputation, descending: CREATE INDEX Reputation ON dbo.Users (Reputation); SELECT TOP 100 * FROM dbo.Users ORDER BY Reputation DESC; 12345 CREATE INDEX Reputation ON dbo.Users (Reputation); SELECT TOP 100…
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WHERE GETDATE() BETWEEN StartDate AND EndDate Is Hard to Tune.

Say you’ve got a memberships (or policies) table, and each membership has start & end dates: Transact-SQL USE StackOverflow; GO DROP TABLE IF EXISTS dbo.UsersMemberships; CREATE TABLE dbo.UsersMemberships (Id INT IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, UserId INT NOT NULL, StartDate DATETIME NOT NULL, EndDate DATETIME NOT NULL, CancelledEarlyDate DATETIME NULL); GO 1234567891011 USE StackOverflow;GODROP TABLE IF…
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