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Indexed View Creation And Underlying Indexes

Accidental Haha While working on some demos, I came across sort of funny behavior during indexed view creation and how the indexes you have on the base tables can impact how long it takes to create the index on the view. Starting off with no indexes, this query runs in about six seconds. Transact-SQL DECLARE…
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Should Index Changes Require Change Control?

We got a phenomenal series of questions from a client, and I wanted to encapsulate the answers into a blog post to help more folks out: Should all index changes require testing in a staging environment, no matter how big or small? What would be a reasonable timeline duration from index identification to deployment? What…
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It’s Okay If You Don’t Create Statistics.

Along with the ability to create indexes (which you most definitely should be doing), SQL Server gives you the ability to create statistics. This helps SQL Server guess how many rows will come back for your searches, which can help it make better decisions on seeks vs scans, which tables to process first, and how…
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A Visual Guide to Choosing an Index Type

Warning: I’m about to overly simplify a whole lot of topics to make things easy. Armchair architects, warm up your flamethrowers. Your table has rows and columns kinda like a spreadsheet: In most applications, your users care about all of the rows, and all of the columns. However, they put certain columns in the where…
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