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Everyday Essentials

Start your SQL Server learning journey here – no registration required. I see these as table stakes for anybody who works with SQL Server – developers, DBAs, data scientists, etc.

How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine

You’ve never had a formal SQL Server training class, and you want to learn how SQL Server builds your query results using indexes and statistics. Watch this free one-hour class now.

You’ve downloaded our first aid kit with sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex, and more, but you feel like you’re groping around blindly in the back seat of a car. Learn how I use these tools.

Fundamentals of Performance Tuning

You need to make SQL Server go faster, fast. I do this stuff in real life every week, and I can teach you how to make it happen.

Fundamentals of Index Tuning

The easiest way to make all of your queries go faster is to build the right indexes to support them. Learn how in one day.

Fundamentals of Query Tuning

You want to make your queries faster, but you’re not comfortable reading execution plans, finding the problems, and tuning T-SQL. Learn how in one day.

A query just suddenly runs slowly. Your fix is to update stats or rebuild indexes. It seems to work, but you don’t know why, and it keeps coming back. Understand why in one day.

Fundamentals of Server Tuning

You have a slow SQL Server, and you know the bottleneck is in there somewhere, but where? Learn how to measure and interpret wait stats, plus tune them, in 5 hours of videos.

Mastering Performance Tuning

You’ve conquered the fundamentals, and now you’re ready for brutally challenging hands-on labs.

Mastering Index Tuning

You don’t have time to fix queries, and you need quick wins. Learn how to use my D.E.A.T.H. Method to fix indexes on an existing database, fast, in 3 days of live lab challenges.

Mastering Query Tuning

You need to speed up an existing app, and you’re allowed to change both queries & indexes, but you can’t throw hardware at it. Let’s tackle it in 3 days of live labs.

You’ve conquered Fundamentals of Parameter Sniffing, and now you need to master all the different ways to mitigate parameter sniffing problems for good. I’ll show you in 3 days of nonstop demos.

Mastering Server Tuning

You’re the kind of admin who’s constantly facing new performance challenges on different servers. Learn how to solve lots of different problems in 3 days of my toughest lectures & labs.

Database Administration Training

Databases are harder than ever – with even more specialized topics to learn.

Remember that day when the senior DBA sat you down and gave you clear, specific instructions on how to handle SQL Server? No? Ah, that never happens. Let’s get you started.

DBA Job Interview Questions and Answers

You don’t go to a lot of job interviews, and you don’t really talk about what you do for a living. So how are you supposed to pass these things? I’ll show you how to ace it.

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Get access to lots of self-paced recorded training for one low price. Teams of 3 or more folks get a discount, too.

Live Class Season Pass

You want to cram in a lot of learning, all year long, and re-take my live classes over and over. Get the Live Class Season Pass and save big.