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4 Ways to Move Data Into a Reporting Server

You’ve decided that you need to offload reports to a different SQL Server, and you’re willing to pay the costs. Here are the most common ways to move the data from production to a reporting server, arranged roughly from easiest-to-implement to hardest: 1. Log shipping. Log shipping is more of a technique than a feature:…
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Building a Faux PaaS, Part 3: What the Ideal Engineering Team Looks Like

Background: I’m working with kCura to build a Faux PaaS: something akin to Microsoft’s Azure SQL DB, but internally managed. You can catch up with what we’ve discussed so far in Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. In the last post, I talked about measuring backup and restore throughputs across different instance types, regions, storage configs, and backup locations.…
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What Is a Staging Environment and How Do You Build One?

If you’re a full time production database administrator, you need a staging environment. This is where you test infrastructure tasks like failing over mirroring, doing a disaster recovery role swap, cluster quorum changes, log shipping configuration, and patching. You need to test this stuff repeatedly so that when you’re under pressure in the production environment, you…
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