How Many Databases Can I Put on One SQL Server?

I’ve seen servers with thousands of databases on a single SQL Server, and it works. Sure, opening the databases list in SQL Server Management Studio is painful, and a lot of third party monitoring tools fall over, but it’s not so bad once you know how to work around these issues. But there’s two issues…
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Many Masters, One Truth

As businesses grow, many teams start considering scale out database solutions but they’re cautious – they want to know how to keep data up to date in multiple places. In theory, you can use log shipping, mirroring, or AlwaysOn Availability groups. While this answers the literal question, what people really mean is usually very different.…
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Saving Session State (video)

Session state frequently ends up on a busy SQL Server. What seemed like a good idea in development turns into a problem in production. While there are valid business reasons for persisting session state to permanent storage; there are equally valid reasons to avoid using SQL Server as the permanent storage. We’ll investigate why session…
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Databases Five Years from Today

Five years from now, in March 2018, what will be different about databases?  I’m a Microsoft SQL Server guy, so keep that in mind when reading my thoughts. Looking Back at 2008-2013 The big story here for me was virtualization.  In mid-2008, Microsoft added support for SQL Server running under Hyper-V, and later they added…
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Why I’m at Amazon Architect Training This Week

People bring me in when they’re having data problems.  They can’t store data fast enough, they can’t make it reliable enough, they can’t hire people to manage it, etc.  When I’m in the conference room, it’s because there’s a fire in the disco datacenter. You know how it is as a DBA, though – DBA…
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Understanding Database Choice

Everyone needs a distributed database right? Wrong. It’s easy to get so excited about trying out a new technology that you close your eyes to the problem you’re trying to solve. I came across a question on Stack Overflow where the poster was asking what kind of distributed database they needed. Rather than jump right…
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Which Database Is Right for Me?

When you start developing a new application how do you pick the database back end? Most people pick what they know/what’s already installed on their system: the tried and true relational database. Let’s face it: nobody is getting fired for using a relational database. They’re safe, well understood, and there’s probably one running in the…
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I can tell when someone's been surfing dirty web sites.

NoSQL Basics for Database Administrators

Most SQL Server DBAs don’t even like MySQL, let alone NoSQL.  They cringe when they hear people say things like, “I don’t need transactions” or “The data will eventually be consistent” or “Indexes will be supported in the next version.” SQL Server and Oracle people are constantly trying to out-feature each other, and the abject…
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Mirrors aren’t backups

Are you using any of these technologies as a method of database protection? Database mirroring (keeping two database servers synchronized with the same data via SQL 2005/2008) Replication (copying records between databases) Log shipping (copying log files to another server and restoring them immediately) SAN-based mirroring (storing two copies of your database on two different…
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