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Boston: SQL SaturdaySchedule
Oct 14-15, 2023

Friday Pre-Con Workshop: Mastering Query Tuning – You need to speed up an existing app, and you’re allowed to change both queries & indexes, but you can’t throw hardware at it. Let’s tackle it together in a fast-paced 1-day version of my full 3-day class, and because we can’t cover everything, attendees get a year’s access to the full class too. Learn more and register now.

Saturday 60-Minute Session: 300-Level Guide to Career Internals Planning Your Career – You’re overwhelmed with choices: so many things you could learn, so many ways you could specialize in your career. Which one should you choose? What are the safe bets, and what are the risky bets? Should you be a contractor? A consultant? A freelancer? Specialize in the cloud, and if so, what products? There’s no guide for data professionals here, and it’s kinda scary.