What It Takes To Write Two Blog Posts

This week, I published two blog posts: How Bad Statistics Cause Bad SQL Server Query Performance How Scalar User-Defined Functions Slow Down Queries Let’s talk about the process of writing ’em. A couple I was putting together this week’s First Responder Kit release, I realized sp_BlitzIndex didn’t have URLs for a couple of common families…
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Free Live Fundamentals Classes, Registration Open Now

Update Oct 29th – classes are over. Thanks for joining in! Well, this quarantine just isn’t letting up, so it’s time for another round of free training. I’m running 3 free live classes on October 26-28: October 26: Fundamentals of Index Tuning – 9AM-5 Eastern – iCal October 27: Fundamentals of Query Tuning – 9AM-5 Eastern– iCal October 28: How I Use the First Responder…
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Woohoo! We Hit 25,000 YouTube Subscribers.

As I finished this weekend’s live stream, I noticed that we crossed a big number. The Brent Ozar Unlimited YouTube channel now has over 25,000 subscribers. Well, that’s kinda awesome. I’ve had a great time doing all kinds of free live streams during the quarantines, and it’s been super fulfilling seeing so many folks show…
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Office Hours

[Video] Office Hours: Open Q&A About SQL Server

Office Hours Podcast For those of you who miss our old Office Hours webcasts and feel lonely during the quarantines, I’m doing my part to help with free weekend webcasts. For the next couple of Saturday & Sunday mornings from 6AM-8AM Pacific (iCal), you can catch me on my Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook channels. I’ll be: Live coding in the First…
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Office Hours Podcast

Announcing Saturday & Sunday Office Hours.

During the quarantines, I’m doing free training. It looks like we’re going to be stuck inside here for another long while, so for the next couple of months, I’m bringing back Office Hours, but on a different schedule. Every Saturday & Sunday morning from 6AM-8AM Pacific (iCal), you can catch me on my Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook…
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[Video] How to Find Queries Using OPTION RECOMPILE (And Their Parameters)

For years, I hated troubleshooting servers with high CPU usage caused by queries constantly asking for new execution plans. Hated it. SQL Server just doesn’t make it easy to find queries with recompile hints. Then Erik Darling’s sp_HumanEvents came along. And now troubleshooting frequent compilations is as easy as this: Transact-SQL EXEC dbo.sp_HumanEvents @event_type =…
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[Video] Watch Brent Write Queries

This morning, I wanted to write a few new “background noise” queries for my Mastering classes. In those classes, the students run live workloads against the Stack Overflow database and troubleshoot performance issues, and the more of a varied workload I’ve got running, the more realistic it feels. For this session, I specifically wanted to…
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