Cloud Computing

Eyes up here, kid

I Sat Down for an Interview with Forrest Brazeal.

Here’s how the interview started: Forrest Brazeal: Brent, you’re a performance specialist who’s worked with massive SQL Server deployments; how does it make you feel when you hear cloud architects saying things like “relational databases don’t scale?” What do you wish they knew? “Time for a smoke break.” Brent Ozar: They’re right. Nothing scales worth a…
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What Do You Do Better Than the Cloud?

It sounds like a trick question, but I’m serious. If your company’s management is just now starting to consider the cloud in 2020, your reaction shouldn’t be to cast a shadow on cloud vendors. Instead, think of it as writing your own resume: what the capabilities that you and your team are really proud of?…
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Azure SQL DB

Building a SQL Server app? Start with Azure SQL DB.

No no, April Fool’s was yesterday. Hear me out. Azure SQL DB’s feature limitations are a good thing. It doesn’t support everything that SQL Server supports, like CLR, cross-database transactions, database mail, linked servers, and OPENQUERY, but…frankly that feature-limitation page reads like a list of my favorite things to tell developers to avoid. You shouldn’t…
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