New Online Class: Running SQL Server in AWS and Azure

You’re used to managing your own SQL Servers in VMs, but now they’re asking you to work with the cloud.

You’re already comfortable installing, backing up, and performance tuning “regular” SQL Servers, and you just need to catch up with what’s different about the cloud.

You don’t want hype – you just want honest opinions from someone who doesn’t work for a cloud vendor.

In this recorded class, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess your current workloads
  • How to pick the right VM type for your workload
  • How to size storage for performance, not size
  • How to assess wait stats in cloud VMs
  • How to back up directly to cloud-native file systems
  • Where Azure Managed Instances & AWS RDS make sense

I’m Brent Ozar, and I’ve been managing client VMs in the cloud for over a decade. I’ll get you up to speed with unbiased facts, not hype, and save you valuable time as your career transitions to the next level.

To get started saving your company time and money, get the course for $195. Folks with a Recorded Class Season Pass: Fundamentals or a Level 2 Bundle can start watching the class right now under their account. Enjoy!

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  • Will this course not be available under the ” Recorded Class Season Pass for Mastering” ?

  • I’m a Live Season Pass holder with a pre-2021 login, but I’m not seeing this class listed on that page. Am I not not looking in the correct place ( ?

    • This isn’t a live class, unfortunately. Also just FYI, the live class season passes will shut off automatically this fall since I’m no longer teaching live classes. That way you can pick what kinds of recordings you want to sign up for.

  • Ah okay. I knew this wasn’t live, but I thought my bundle had all the recordings and fundamentals as well. This is the only one not available. Guess time to go through our lengthy expensing process again 🙂

  • I missed the part where I can watch this right now. I have Fundamentals and L2. Now I know which three metrics matter first when evaluating for cloud. I had already been gathering sp_BlitzFirst at 15 mins on a representative (workload) instance of my app. I asked a question on pollgab the other day about how to get into this world… regarding how you’ve been helping companies cut cloud costs. What I really meant is, I have a project where an instance of my app will be interacting read/write to S3 and Redshift. No problem there. But my app itself is underpinned by SQL Server to run, and it does a lot of work, so I’m planning to host an instance of my app in AWS nearer those other databases. BTW, I bought your training on my own dime as an ace up the sleeve. It’s like having all four of them.


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