Which of These Azure Courses Would You Attend?

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A member of the community (no, it’s not me) is thinking about offering a live training course and wants your help to decide which of these topics are the best fit.

Here are 6 $395 live online 1-day classes, and what you’d learn in each class:

An Engineer’s Guide to Realtime Data Handling and Analytics

  • Streaming data to live dashboards for real-time insights.
  • Ingesting message data through IoT/Event hubs.
  • Writing KQL queries against streaming endpoints.
  • Combining stream and batch data in a lambda architecture.

Compute & Storage 101 – An Engineers Guide To Every Azure Data Resource

  • What, why, how. An A-Z of cloud data resources.
  • Clarity on what to use when and where from a huge breadth of tools.
  • Jointly mocking up a series of example data architecture patterns.
  • Filling your toolkit with the right compute and storage resources.

Creating A Data Lakehouse In The Microsoft Cloud With Delta Lake

  • Delivering a cloud first data warehouse solution using Delta Lake.
  • Building ETL processes that scale for big data problems.
  • Workload dependency handling to ensure referential integrity.
  • Serving modelling datasets to the business.

End-to-end Data Engineering In Azure With Apache Spark

  • Coding against Apache Spark in Python, Scala, and SQL.
  • Understanding distributed workload executions.
  • Cluster management, creation, sizing, and costing.
  • Using Apache Spark in Azure Databricks and Microsoft Fabric.

Microsoft Data Integration Pipelines – The Fundamentals to Level 300

  • How to build out Data Factory/Microsoft Fabric integration pipelines.
  • Orchestrating everything in your cloud solution.
  • How to create dynamic, scalable data integration patterns.
  • Best practices for production, monitoring and alerting.

Practical Data Modelling And Serving – Converting Business Events Into Insights

  • Applying Kimble dimensional modelling techniques.
  • Understanding how to deliver comprehensive analytics.
  • Writing DAX and M to produce calculated outputs.
  • Creating Power BI dashboards from transformed datasets.

Which course(s) would you pay $395 to attend next month? (If you’re reading this in email, click here to take the poll on BrentOzar.com.)

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15 Comments. Leave new

  • luther atkinson
    October 2, 2023 4:22 pm

    interesting. Thank you

  • At 400 bucks a pop? My answer is “none”.

    They’re also missing a course… “How to migrate back to On-Prem”. 😀

  • p.s. Looking back at my answer, some people will take that the wrong way. Anything you teach will be taught well. To clarify, the reason for my “none” answer is that it’s not likely that I could get my company to pay for such a thing and it would be just for my knowledge because the company doesn’t do a thing with Azure on the side of the fence that I work in.

    • Jeff, thanks for the kind words, but now you’re exposing that you didn’t even read the first ten words of the blog post.

      Push yourself away from the keyboard, stretch, take a walk. 😉 I don’t want you touching SSMS in this condition, buddy.

  • While we don’t use Azure. The Delta Lake class would be interesting. We’re researching Delta Lake to use with our AWS.

  • End-to-end Data Engineering In Azure With Apache Spark

  • Tejaswi Datla
    October 2, 2023 7:17 pm

    Creating A Data Lakehouse In The Microsoft Cloud With Delta Lake

  • We have so much data across so many servers using linked servers (I know, not recommended but I would have to replicate data from about 50 servers to over 200 servers). We have data going in every different direction. I need to get a better solution in place. My thought is data lake may give me some insight how to sleigh this dragon.

  • I would love to do the compute&storage, data integration pipelines, and practical data modeling (for the DAX and Power BI dashhboards, something I haven’t done yet). I would also love to do the data lakehouse because we may get tasked with something like that next year. It’s hard to find good classes like these for the cloud. But I doubt I could get my work to pay for any of it. Is he planning to do any kind of package deals? Depending, I might be able to pay out of pocket for one class. Next month is the start of “my wife spends all of my money on family time of year” and I already budget for your package…

  • Gustavus Swanepoel
    October 3, 2023 6:07 am

    Compute & Storage 101 – An Engineer’s Guide to Every Azure Data Resource. Looks like a good foundational.

  • Microsoft Data Integration Pipelines – The Fundamentals to Level 300 seems like a good one for me as I’m thinking about transitioning from good ol’ buggy AF SSIS to ADF for my data pipelines.


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