[Video] Office Hours at the Munch Museum in Oslo


While in Norway for Data Saturday Oslo, I set up my camera gear by the Munch Museum to answer your top-voted questions from PollGab.com/room/brento. I later found out it’s pronounced ‘monk’, not ‘munch’, so there’s that. I also fell in love with his giant mural The Sun, probably one of my top 5 favorite paintings ever.


Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:51 Brandon: Do you have any recommendations for building a resume for new DBAs?
  • 02:18 Through the Barricades: Can you give us 3 example scenarios where we should use Log Shipping and 3 scenarios where we should use Transactional Replication?
  • 03:58 Ricardo: I came across an IT department the other day that was so wary of GDPR that development happened in Production. Do you think this was just an aberration or evolution in action?
  • 04:40 Alberto: What is your opinion of SQL Trace Flag 174 (174 – Increases the SQL Server Database Engine plan cache bucket count). We have high single use query plan count. SQL Server 2019 Enterprise
  • 06:13 Ms. Elizabeth: SQL Assessment API vs DBA Checks VS sp_Blitz. Which one wins in a cage match?
  • 07:58 DB Stevie: As you no longer provide Production DBA training, who would you recommend for training in that space?
  • 09:40 ReluctantDirector: A “friend” saw a covering index that had Values in the included columns that didn’t match the table values. Rebuilding the index didn’t fix it, only a drop and create. A lot of reports use the index columns to improve performance, any suggestions on how to mitigate this risk?
  • 10:28 Oli-the-dba: Have you ever worked with Azure Netapp Files ? On Face value it looks infinitely better than managed disks. Would the fact it’s an SMB file share put you off ? Even if it’s “enterprise class storage”
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