Your Microsoft SQL Server had a good run.

But it’s getting creaky and old, and you’ve decided it’s time to make a change. You’re trying to decide which version of SQL Server to use, and which cloud options make the most sense.

Brent Reading Book
“Hey, I see the problem already!”

I can help. I’ve built and rebuild hundreds of SQL Servers over the years, and I can guide you through:

  • Assessing your current SQL Server
  • Reviewing your workloads to see which version of SQL Server makes the most sense for you
  • Working with you to figure out if we can get away with the less-expensive SQL Server Standard Edition, or whether it’s time to upgrade to the dramatically more expensive Enterprise Edition
  • Using my free RPO and RTO worksheet to decide between a standalone VM, a cluster, log shipping, replication, or other high availability and disaster recovery tool
  • Building the new SQL Server
  • Load testing it
  • Migrating your databases over to the new server
  • Doing support on go-live day to make sure everything goes smoothly

I can work in a high-level mentoring capacity, or guide your team through the project, or you can outsource the whole thing to me if you prefer.

Take the first step: book a free 30-minute sales call on my calendar below. I’ll email you a utility to run against your current SQL Server, sending me its diagnostic data, and then we can have a meaningful conversation armed with lots of details about the shape that the server’s in today.

(Just be aware that if the SQL Server is already unsupported, like SQL Server 2008 or earlier, then I don’t work on it. You’ll want to migrate before you lose support from Microsoft, not afterwards.)