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Stuff I’ve added recently

June 3 – All-new 3-day course: Mastering Parameter Sniffing: available for Live Class Season Pass holders.

May 26 – All-new 1-day course: Fundamentals of Parameter Sniffing: available for both Recorded Class Season Pass folks and Live Class Season Pass folks.

May 9 – Updated How to Think Like the Engine: I live-streamed it on my Twitch channel, this time exclusively using demos, no slides whatsoever. Lively session with lots of questions & answers.

April 24 – Updated Mastering Index Tuning: in the Heaps module, I spend more time talking about the advantages of heaps (like faster key lookups).

April 20 – Updated Mastering Query Tuning: I rewrote 3 modules with more demos. The New Robots in SQL Server 2017 & 2019 module now has a lot more demos, and a spiffy grid that lists the features, their requirements, and my verdict on their performance so far in the wild. Lab 3 and the Deadlocks module also have all new demos.

April 10 – Updated a few classes: How I Use the First Responder Kit, Fundamentals of Index Tuning, and Fundamentals of Query Tuning with new videos. The FIT and FQT classes were done in front of a live audience of over 1,500, so it’s a pretty lively Q&A and chat. Buckle up for some ranting & raving.