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Updated training videos

December 6: Added How I Use the First Responder Kit Instant Replays for the live class attendees. This isn’t part of the Recorded Class Season Pass – the Instant Replays on this are really only for the live attendees, like the Mastering classes, because the hands-on labs are the entire point of this class. Spots are going fast for this class.

December 5: Updated Fundamentals of Index Tuning, Fundamentals of Query Tuning, and Performance Tuning in 21 Demosusing SQL Server 2019 for the demos. I didn’t change the content yet to specifically target 2019, but I do pepper in a few 2019-specific demos here and there.

November 27: Updated Mastering Server Tuning – I rewrote the CXPACKET/CXCONSUMER module.

October 11: Updated Mastering Query Tuningthe Functions module and SQL Server 2017/2019 Robots module have both been updated with SQL Server 2019 content, and the whole class has my fancy new green screen production setup so I float over the demos & slides, plus the Slack chat is recorded right there onscreen so you can follow along with attendee questions.