sp_Blitz® – Free SQL Server Health Check Script

You’ve got a Microsoft SQL Server that somebody else built, or that other people have made changes to over the years, and you’re not exactly sure what kind of shape it’s in. Are there dangerous configuration settings that are causing slow performance or unreliability?

You want a fast, easy, free health check that flags common issues in seconds, and for each warning, gives you a link to a web page with more in-depth advice. At right is a 5-minute video explaining how sp_Blitz® works.

Step 1: Download it as part of our First Responder Kit.

Step 2: Run the sp_Blitz.sql file. It’ll install sp_Blitz® in your master database by default, but you can put it in another database if you prefer and it’ll still work fine.

Step 3: In SSMS, run EXEC sp_Blitz. In 5-30 seconds, you’ll get a prioritized health check that tells you what’s broken or dangerous on your SQL Server. We work hard to make sure the queries don’t block any other end user queries, but just like any other script you get from the Internet, you should try it out in development first before you run it in production.

Step 4: Start fixin’ stuff. Every row has a URL where you can go for more details on how to fix a particular problem. Let the learning begin!

The current version, v52 dated June 2, 2016, includes full SQL Server 2016 compatibility. We ignore the new sysadmin account that MS ships by default, ignore the odd DW* database config options, and warn you if you don’t have Query Store turned on. We also improved older compatibility too – if you have databases in SQL 2000 compat level, we just turn off @CheckUserDatabaseObjects so the CTE checks don’t error out. Full change log.

If Microsoft supports it, so do we – unfortunately, that means SQL 2000 and 2005 are out of luck. We use a lot of cool DMVs and techniques that only work in current versions of SQL Server.

Overwhelmed by the results? We’re here to help with our quick, easy SQL Critical Care® service that gets to the root cause of your database health and performance pains. Contact us for a free 30-minute sales consultation.