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Azure SQL DB Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen your search history. Let’s get you some answers. Is Azure SQL DB PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS? Azure SQL DB is platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Microsoft manages most common database tasks for you, and they act as your DBA. This also means that like a DBA, Microsoft will tell you “no” if you try to implement…
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Your Top 10 Ideas for SQL Server

You’ve submitted thousands of bug reports and feature requests at, and here’s what you’ve voted as the top 10 requests right now: #10: MIN/MAX as non-aggregate functions. PostgreSQL and Oracle have the GREATEST/LEAST functions that work like COALESCE, allowing you to pass in a list of values and get the top or lowest. Sounds…
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Eyes up here, kid

Pop Quiz: What Do These Things Cost Today?

Price check on Aisle 2021. My main consulting job is a 2-day SQL Critical Care® where I help turn around slow SQL Servers. Companies come to me because they’re not sure if it’s a hardware problem, a database configuration issue, bad app code, or what, and they’ve been getting conflicting answers from different teams. Before…
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Our Monday Links Email is 10 Years Old.

I’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of, but it just so happens that this year marks another fun anniversary. Ten years ago, way back in 2011, I wrote: You’re overworked.  You don’t have the time to sit around reading blogs, keeping up on the latest industry news, and reading web comics. That’s where we…
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Wow: is 20 Years Old.

My first avatar, by Jin Wicked In 2001, I was a developer, and I liked to write. I’d had web sites for a number of years, but in 2001, I decided to switch from (archive) over to I wanted a domain name that would more appropriately reflect my interests as they changed over…
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