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Can I Offload DBCC CHECKDB To Another Server?

You want to check for corruption, but you don’t want to slow down your primary production server. In this post, I’m specifically talking about offloading the corruption checking process. I’m not talking about doing corruption checking on both the primary and other servers – that’s wonderful, and if you’re doing that, you should hug yourself. You’re doing…
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[Video] Free DBA Training Month: Configuring TempDB, Lock Pages in Memory, and the DAC

While you’re stuck inside wondering if you’ll ever be able to attend a user group meeting again, I’m giving you free access to training materials that your boss probably wouldn’t have been nice enough to buy you anyway. So far this week, we’ve covered DBCC CHECKDB, how to set up Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts, and restoring…
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Free Upcoming Live Classes

So, we’re still under lockdown, huh? I see. Well, I guess I’ve got no choice but to keep y’all busy. Let’s get together for some free live classes: May 12 (Tues) Noon Eastern: The New Robots in SQL Server 2017 and 2019 – You’ve been hearing about all these robots that are coming to take…
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Your Views Aren’t The Problem. Your Code Is.

“I hate views,” the DBA said. “They kill performance. And nested views are even worse.” Wrong. I’ll prove it. I’m going to use the 50GB StackOverflow2013 database, and I’ll start by creating a couple of indexes on the Users table to help our queries, then create a view on the Users table: Transact-SQL USE StackOverflow2013;…
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Free Webcast on Dynamic SQL Pro Tips

Dynamic SQL is one of the most powerful tools in the database developer’s arsenal. When you need a complex search stored procedure that takes all kinds of parameters (price, category, location, color), dynamic SQL can run extremely quickly by leveraging better indexes. However, when done wrong, it’s extremely painful to troubleshoot. I’ve been working with…
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