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Announcing My 2021/2022 Training Class Schedule

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If you want to attend my live online classes, it’s really easy: just buy a Live Class Season Pass and you can drop in on any class that works for your schedule. I recommend attending ’em in this order: Fundamentals, required, in this order: Index Tuning, Query Tuning, Parameter Sniffing Fundamentals, optional: Columnstore, TempDB (can be…
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Do You Have to License Your Standby SQL Server?

Businesses who need high availability and disaster recovery usually want three servers: A primary SQL Server where all the writes & reads take place A high availability SQL Server sitting right next to the primary, in the same data center, keeping up with its writes, and A disaster recovery SQL Server sitting in another city…
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Is that a date I see in that varchar column?

You Captioned This Pic and Won Free Stuff.

Last week, over 600 of y’all captioned this picture, and we had a lot of laughs: My favorite caption overall was from Aart Bluestoke, who won a Live Class Season Pass for this: The funniest part to me was that I’ve had that exact experience several times with several different data type combinations, and I think…
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9 Signs Your T-SQL Might Fail a Code Review

It’s hard to set absolute rules about, “Feature X should absolutely never be used.” However, there are some features that set off alarm bells when I see them. Usually, when I start asking more questions about when we’re using those particular features, I get answers of, “Oh, I didn’t know that was a problem.” As…
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Announcing Fundamentals Week: May 10-14, $295

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You love learning from me. You’ve attended some of my free online streams, read my blog posts, and you use the First Responder Kit. You enjoy my laid-back, humorous approach to sharing what I’ve learned over the years. You love live classes. You’ve tried watching recordings or stepping through demos yourself, but…you just can’t block…
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Free TempDB Training Class Next Monday

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You’ve been working with Microsoft SQL Server for a couple of years, and you know a little bit about TempDB. You’ve heard that temp tables and table variables have different performance characteristics than regular user database tables, and you’ve heard that you’re supposed to have multiple data files. You’re wondering what exactly goes on behind…
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