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We Lost Gareth Swanepoel.

Thirteen years ago, I met Gareth Swanepoel (@GarethSwan) for the first time, interviewed him for his first real sysadmin job, and … turned him down. Gareth Swanepoel circa 2007 Thankfully, my manager overruled me and hired him anyway. Thank goodness – and thank goodness Gareth forgave me for my incredibly bad judgment, hahaha. Gareth proved…
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How to Learn SQL Server in One Year

You’ve been using Microsoft SQL Server for a few years, and it’s becoming increasingly important to your job. You can write a query, but… You feel like something’s missing. You attended a few local user groups or meetups before the quarantines hit, but you were disappointed at how scattered the sessions were. The material was…
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Free Webcast on Dynamic SQL Pro Tips

Dynamic SQL is one of the most powerful tools in the database developer’s arsenal. When you need a complex search stored procedure that takes all kinds of parameters (price, category, location, color), dynamic SQL can run extremely quickly by leveraging better indexes. However, when done wrong, it’s extremely painful to troubleshoot. I’ve been working with…
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What Should I Submit to the PASS Summit?

Our industry’s biggest conference, the PASS Summit 2020, just opened their pre-conference workshop call for speakers. I’m going to submit a couple of sessions, but I want to hear from you first: if you were going to try to convince your boss to buy you a pre-conference workshop at Summit, what would be the topics…
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