Conferences and Classes

Free Webcast on Dynamic SQL Pro Tips

Dynamic SQL is one of the most powerful tools in the database developer’s arsenal. When you need a complex search stored procedure that takes all kinds of parameters (price, category, location, color), dynamic SQL can run extremely quickly by leveraging better indexes. However, when done wrong, it’s extremely painful to troubleshoot. I’ve been working with…
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Fundamentals of Index Tuning

Announcing Two Free Live Fundamentals Courses This Wednesday & Thursday

During the quarantines, I’m trying to keep you busy with free online training. Last week, I unveiled the new free Quest Database Training Days, and this week, I’ve got another one. I’m going to teach my Fundamentals classes live, free! Wednesday, Fundamentals of Index Tuning – 9:00-5:00 Eastern (13:00-21:00 UTC) – click to see in your own…
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How COVID-19 Affects Conferences

SQLBits just postponed their event, and I’m stepping out of SQL Saturday Iceland as well. I’ve had the unusual position of being a conference attendee, speaker, and sponsor, all at different times of my life, so I wanted to do a quick brain dump explaining some of the gotchas involved behind the scenes. Canceling a…
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What Should I Submit to the PASS Summit?

Our industry’s biggest conference, the PASS Summit 2020, just opened their pre-conference workshop call for speakers. I’m going to submit a couple of sessions, but I want to hear from you first: if you were going to try to convince your boss to buy you a pre-conference workshop at Summit, what would be the topics…
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Mastering Index Tuning

Join Me in London for My SQLBits Pre-Con Workshop: Mastering Index Tuning

I’m teaching an all-new hands-on workshop, Mastering Index Tuning. I’m taking my favorite, toughest modules of my 3-day online class and condensing them down into a 1-day workshop. You’ll learn quick, easy techniques to use the right nonclustered indexes, filtered indexes, indexed views, and columnstore indexes that will work on SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016,…
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