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Eyes up here, kid

Pop Quiz: What Do These Things Cost Today?

Price check on Aisle 2021. My main consulting job is a 2-day SQL Critical Care® where I help turn around slow SQL Servers. Companies come to me because they’re not sure if it’s a hardware problem, a database configuration issue, bad app code, or what, and they’ve been getting conflicting answers from different teams. Before…
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Our Monday Links Email is 10 Years Old.

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I’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of, but it just so happens that this year marks another fun anniversary. Ten years ago, way back in 2011, I wrote: You’re overworked.  You don’t have the time to sit around reading blogs, keeping up on the latest industry news, and reading web comics. That’s where we…
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Wow: is 20 Years Old.

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My first avatar, by Jin Wicked In 2001, I was a developer, and I liked to write. I’d had web sites for a number of years, but in 2001, I decided to switch from (archive) over to I wanted a domain name that would more appropriately reflect my interests as they changed over…
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4 Things I Love About Integers #TSQL2sday

I love integers. Furthermore, I think we’ve all been taking them for granted. Integers are clean, elegant datatypes that do exactly what they’re supposed to. They’re the Golden Retrievers of the database world: they have a few shortcomings, but so, so few. And so for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I wanna share my love for…
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