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We Lost Gareth Swanepoel.

Thirteen years ago, I met Gareth Swanepoel (@GarethSwan) for the first time, interviewed him for his first real sysadmin job, and … turned him down. Gareth Swanepoel circa 2007 Thankfully, my manager overruled me and hired him anyway. Thank goodness – and thank goodness Gareth forgave me for my incredibly bad judgment, hahaha. Gareth proved…
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Your Ten Favorite Blog Posts from 2020

The most popular posts this year were when I ran my Fundamentals classes for free throughout the year. I ran a different class per month, and posted signups and videos here on the blog. I’m setting those aside, though, because they’re not evergreen: they’ve since disappeared since I only ran ’em free for a limited…
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How I Use the First Responder Kit

Updated First Responder Kit and Consultant Toolkit for December 2020

sp_BlitzLock gets better identification of parallel deadlocks, sp_DatabaseRestore uses Ola’s scripts for logging, and lots of bug fixes this month. Watch and learn To get the new version: Download the updated Azure Data Studio users with the First Responder Kit extension: ctrl/command+shift+p, First Responder Kit: Import. PowerShell users: run Install-DbaFirstResponderKit from dbatools Download the…
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