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SQL Server Licensing Guide

DBA Training Plan 19: The L-Word, Licensing

You’ve gotten through a lot of this training. You’ve tried fixing the problem with indexes, query tuning, and judicious application of various configuration switches. You’ve been watching webcasts and using free scripts, but… Things just aren’t getting better. Before you start browsing your cloud vendor’s sizing price list or your favorite server vendor’s build-and-price site,…
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DBA Training Plan 15: What’s Your SQL Server Waiting On?

You’re here, dear reader, because you weren’t “classically trained” as a database administrator. You didn’t graduate from the University of Sciencing Computerses with a Master’s of Transactional Processing. You probably got your start as a developer or sysadmin, and gradually fumbled your way here. You’re used to monitoring stuff from the OUTSIDE using things like…
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It's a trick question.

DBA Training Plan 14: POP QUIZ!

AH-HA! You didn’t know there would be one of these, did you, hotshot? You’ve been reading along in the series, just smiling and nodding, pretending you’re keeping up, but not really doing the homework. BUSTED! Put your books away and get your pencils out. Backup & Recovery Questions: How many production SQL Servers do you…
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Telluride Colorado

Updated First Responder Kit and Consultant Toolkit for August 2019

sp_DatabaseRestore can now restore to Azure blobs and change the database owner after a restore, and everything else gets bug fixes. To get the new version: Download the updated Azure Data Studio users with the First Responder Kit extension: ctrl/command+shift+p, First Responder Kit: Import. Download the updated Consultant Toolkit in your account EU customers:…
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