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Announcing Fundamentals Week: May 10-14, $295

You love learning from me. You’ve attended some of my free online streams, read my blog posts, and you use the First Responder Kit. You enjoy my laid-back, humorous approach to sharing what I’ve learned over the years. You love live classes. You’ve tried watching recordings or stepping through demos yourself, but…you just can’t block…
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Our Monday Links Email is 10 Years Old.

I’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of, but it just so happens that this year marks another fun anniversary. Ten years ago, way back in 2011, I wrote: You’re overworked.  You don’t have the time to sit around reading blogs, keeping up on the latest industry news, and reading web comics. That’s where we…
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Wow: is 20 Years Old.

My first avatar, by Jin Wicked In 2001, I was a developer, and I liked to write. I’d had web sites for a number of years, but in 2001, I decided to switch from (archive) over to I wanted a domain name that would more appropriately reflect my interests as they changed over…
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Eyes up here, kid

Free Webcast: Help! My SQL Server Maintenance is Taking Too Long!

“Time for a smoke break.” You manage growing SQL Server databases with shrinking nightly maintenance windows. You just don’t have enough time left each night to do the necessary backups, corruption checking, index maintenance, and data jobs that your users and apps want to run. Cloud storage isn’t helping the problem, either. Stop playing Tetris…
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Your Ten Favorite Blog Posts from 2020

The most popular posts this year were when I ran my Fundamentals classes for free throughout the year. I ran a different class per month, and posted signups and videos here on the blog. I’m setting those aside, though, because they’re not evergreen: they’ve since disappeared since I only ran ’em free for a limited…
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Want Your Own Private Conference?

Your team has been reading my blog, watching my free public streams, and using the First Responder Kit scripts for years. They’ve gone as far as they can go on their own, learning from Google, and now they’re ready for the next level. I can bring the conference to you – except way better than a…
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Free Upcoming Live Classes

So, we’re still under lockdown, huh? I see. Well, I guess I’ve got no choice but to keep y’all busy. Let’s get together for some free live classes: May 12 (Tues) Noon Eastern: The New Robots in SQL Server 2017 and 2019 – You’ve been hearing about all these robots that are coming to take…
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Portrait in T-SQL

My 11 Favorite 2019 Blog Posts

Yesterday, I showed the stuff you read the most, but enough data – now, let’s talk about feelings. These were the 11 posts I remember with the most fondness, in date order. I did indeed like some of the ones from yesterday’s list a lot, but I’m going to set those aside. Erik and Tara…
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