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I did huge price cuts this month across the board.

My individual Mastering class recordings used to be $995. Now it’s just $395 for Mastering Index Tuning, Mastering Query Tuning, Mastering Parameter Sniffing, or Mastering Server Tuning.

The Recorded Class Season Pass: Mastering used to be $2,395 for all of my Masters classes. Now it’s just $995!

I’ve also heard from a few of you that had Live Class Season Passes that expired this month, and you wanted to be able to watch the rest of my live classes scheduled through October. To make that happen, I’m temporarily selling a 7-month Live Class Season Pass for $895.

You can also pick up the Level 3 Bundle, which includes the 7-month Live Class Season Pass, plus a full year of Recorded Class Season Pass Masters & Fundamentals, SQL ConstantCare, and the Consultant Toolkit for $1,595.

I’m not bringing back the full Live Class Season Pass permanently – I just wanted to let folks continue to access my scheduled live classes through October of this year. After that, I’ll be taking a well-deserved break from live teaching – and drinking more of those cheap Mexican margaritas.

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