Fundamentals Week is Coming. Every Day, the Price Goes Up.

You’ve attended some of my free online streams, read my blog posts, and you use the First Responder Kit. You enjoy my laid-back, humorous approach to sharing what I’ve learned over the years.

You love live classes. You’ve tried watching recordings or stepping through demos yourself, but…you just can’t block out the time, and you can’t stay motivated while you’re watching a recording. You like the fast-paced energy of seeing me live, asking me questions, and seeing me respond to your chats.

You hate free conferences that feel like Zoom meetings. You’ve tried attending a few events, but they felt just like sitting through one meeting after another. They didn’t dive deeply into any one subject – they just hopped around from one topic to another, and many of those topics just weren’t relevant to you. They were good for free stuff, but…

You’re ready for Fundamentals Week! You’ll spend the week with me learning about indexes, query tuning, columnstore, how I use the First Responder Kit, and more. On November 6-10, 2023 (add to calendar), 10AM-6PM Eastern, 9AM-5PM Central, 7AM-3PM Pacific, we’ll get together to learn:

Register right now because it’s the lowest price you’ll ever get. Tomorrow, tack on another $25, and then another $25. Every day that goes by, it’s just more money you’re gonna give me to attend the class, up to the $695 price that will hold up til the class date.

Or, you know, uh, wait. I like money.

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  • A little confused here… Each course is listed for $89 (from the links above). 5 x 89 = $445. What am I missing?

    Thank you

  • These are web-based lessons, correct?

    And you left out Alaska time zone, but that’s ok. Alaskans are used to being left out, we are 1 hour after Pacific and are very familiar with time zone conversions.

  • Hi Brent. For those of us who purchased lifetime access to your recordings, that does not allow us access to live training? We would have to do another buy-in (…speaking in my poker player voice…) for access to live training, correct?

    • Correct, recordings don’t include the ability to attend live classes. But they do include the recordings though!

      • Hi Brent, would you recommend rewatching the recorded classes after you’ve done the upcoming live sessions? Assuming you’ll be updating the existing content to present the most accurate information.

        • Denny – that’s a really good question, and yes! By all means. I always replace the Recorded Class Season Pass stuff with the latest recordings. As long as your subscription is active, you deserve to have the most current info available.

  • Hi Brent, any plans on doing a “Fundamentals Weeks” at a more European Time?
    I am considering attending, but 15:00 till 23:00 CEST (GMT +1) is not doable, due to real-life stuff.

  • It’s a shame to do this so close to Pass. Hard to justify to management I need two weeks in a row for training. I would likely be able to swing both if they were spread out a bit, but as my wise mother said,” life is about choices”.

    November 2, 2023 2:39 pm

    How do we join the free or 25-dollar course?


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