[Video] Office Hours with a Surprise Special Guest

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I have a special guest star on today’s episode: Pinal Dave dropped by the house! We went through a few of the top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:15 What happened to you? Did you spend too much time in the sun?
  • 00:48 AccidentalDBA: How do I explain to the 3rd party IT group that manages our servers that server image backups are not enough to backup/restore SQL. They keep deleting our maintenance plan backup files due to disk space issues. Or am I wrong and everything will be okay?
  • 02:32 Nikos Georgakis: What are the best / worst database technologies for placing career bets currently?
  • 04:39 Minnie Pfister: What was your least favorite version of SQL Server and why?
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  • I never really thought of 2008 R2 as a separate version, but as an update that supported virtualization. Hyper-V worked pretty well for 2008 R1 but it had absurd limitations on CPU, memory and disk. By about ESXI 5 or 5.1 VMWare had gotten some of the performance problems worked out for SQL server and hyper-V also radically improved in server 2012 – and it still wasn’t technically supported by MS, but it was at least functional during the virtualization mania around that time.


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