[Video] Office Hours at the Northernmost Town in the World


Despite its location, Hammerfest, Norway attracts countless tourists eager to see the festival celebrating one of the world’s favorite rappers. Did I get that right? I’m not sure I got that right.

There’s also fierce competition for the title of northernmost town: nearby Honningsvåg Norway also wants that claim, but with a population of only a couple thousand, they’ve got some humping to do before they can really say it with a straight face. (I went there on the cruise too. To Honningsvåg. Not to the humping.)

Anyhoo, the ship pulled in on a gray morning and I took your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:07 Aksel: How to explain the situation where the newly created index makes the query plan more optimal, but the given index is not displayed in the execution plan graph; If I use the blitzindex command then index usage is 0. I can see the new index name in execution.xml OptimizerStatsUsage
  • 02:48 Icerbergo: sp_Blitz is warning my friend that he has 46k total plans in the cache and 91% created in the past hour. sp_BlitzCache is warning him that he is caching 160k plans. Are there two kind of plans or why are those numbers different?
  • 03:49 RollbackIsSingleThreaded: Hi Brent! I have run out of ideas to blog about SQL Server. How can I proceed?
  • 05:53 Richard Lestrange: Did you see any ship wrecked children at the blue lagoon?
  • 06:33 Junior NotYetDBA: Hi Brent, my old dev colleague created a clustered index char(30) starting with 5 initials from app user name like “BRENTxxxxxxx…” With millions of rows should we expect performance problems? I rather use a sequential ID
  • 07:41 Berglind I.: What is your opinion of the following Microsoft SQL Assessment API recommendations (SQL 2019 enterprise bare metal): Disable ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ option Defragment volume ‘C:\’ with physical fragmentation
  • 08:38 Bill: Can you create and manipulate temporary tables in queries to a read-only secondary?
  • 09:52 Spike Jones: Which is the better cloud environment for running SQL VM and why? AWS or Azure
  • 12:25 Eh? Aye: My original question got garbled in the middle! Annoying.. Should read: Should we start with AI ‘as a concept’ fundamentals, or should we take an “AI for DBAs” approach? E.g. what data types are used for AI data? How is AI related data queried / searched? Ta Brent, top man.
  • 13:40 bsquidwrd: At some point you had discussed your favorite cruise lines, but I can’t find the vod. Do you mind going over your thoughts on cruise lines again? Seeing how much fun you have on your trips is making me want to finally utilize my PTO
  • 15:25 TeeJay: What’s your current thinking on whether SQL Server 2022 is ready for production use (Standard Edition, single server, no HA/DR)? Has your thinking changed since the CU4 (simple queries returning incorrectly sorted results) debacle?
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