The SQL Server Posts You Read the Most in 2022

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Here’s what I wrote in 2022 that gathered the most views:

Evergreen Posts You Kept Reading

These aren’t posts I wrote in 2022 – they’re older posts that have stood the test of time, and keep showing up in Google results. These tutorial posts aren’t often the favorites of readers when the post first goes live, but they’re the kinds of posts that bring in new readers over time. I’ve gradually updated a lot of these (even if I wasn’t the original author) because they’re consistently popular.

Not only is it hard to write posts like this initially, but it takes work to continue to refine the content over time, adding in the kinds of key words and content that people are searching for. I actively prune some of ’em, and some of them were perfect when they were published.

Top YouTube Videos You Watched

My YouTube channel got 560,871 views in 2022, with 101,500 watch hours and 39,000 subscribers. I have to confess that I do a terrible job of reminding viewers to smash that like button and hit the bell to be notified when new posts go live. I’m just not that kind of host – yet, hahaha.

Here’s to a productive 2023 where I share a lot and y’all learn a lot!

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  • Francesco Mantovani
    January 5, 2023 10:02 am

    Still no one complains if I read at work. I will start logging it as work hours. And no one will complain

  • @Brent – To your response about Coumnstore. Our developers go crazy with them. I have 17,893 Columnstore indexes across all our environments across 7170 databases. I am sure 97% of those don’t qualify for CS per your recommendations but we are production support DBAs, we aren’t involved in the design.


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