Today is the last day to buy a Live Class Season Pass, EVER.

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Today is literally it. This is the end of an era.

One of the most popular things I sell is my Live Class Season Pass, which gives you two cool things:

  • The ability to drop in on any live online class that I teach for a year straight, plus
  • The ability to stream the recordings, too

For one low price, students can attend classes whenever works for them, as often as they like, continuously raising their skills. Plus, when an emergency pops up at work, they can watch the recordings after hours to prep for the next day’s class. When they’re getting ready to tackle a problem at work, they can jump back to a specific module, watch the recordings, step through the demos, and even try their hand at the lab assignment to see if they really got it.

I love the Live Class Season Pass, but starting in 2023, I’m going to be teaching way less live online classes. I can’t be selling an unlimited pass if there’s a limited number of live classes you can attend. So because of that, today is literally the last day you can buy a pass, and attend a huge number of classes over the next 12 months. In 2023, I might teach an online class or two, but I’m aiming to scale way back, and folks will have to pay for each class they want to attend.

Today, the Live Class Season Pass is $1,595.

If you want an even bigger/better deal, the Level 3 Bundle is just $100 more, and it adds SQL ConstantCare and the Consultant Toolkit.

But move quick. When the calendar flips over to December, the Black Friday deals shut off, and the Live Class Season Pass is gone forever. See you in class!

Update 2021/12/01 – the Black Friday Sale is over.

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