Bite-Sized Office Hours: Q&A on TikTok

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Wanna learn about SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform, but you don’t wanna sit through long videos?

Enjoy short videos on TikTok?

I’ve got just the thing: I’m taking the best Q&A from Office Hours and putting ’em out as individual videos. That way, as you’re swiping through practical jokes, friendship goalscandid idiocy, music reimaginations, and dog tips, you can also learn a little in bite-sized chunks, too.


Do you have any resources/tips on a new dba needing to inventory the servers/instances/databases at a company? I have around 30 servers that I want to start documenting that currently have 0 physical documentation. Thanks Brent! #sqlserver #sql #dba #database #microsoft #hacks #tips #brentozar #azure

? original sound – Brent Ozar Unlimited

For those tech answers, follow @BrentOzarULTD on TikTok. Or, if you prefer stalking my personal life, my own account is @BrentOzar.

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  • “How do you do, fellow jr dbas?”

  • There must not be that much DBA stuff on ticktok yet – the subsequent “related videos” thumbnail does not look very related 😀

  • Now I have a reason to open TikTok!

    In case Chris reads the comments… My documentation is for myself and I keep it in OneNote. When I first come in contact with a server (either by building or supporting) I create a new page and include the names of connected application(s) and the users or departments who paid for & care about the server. I have a “to do” section where I write down planned application upgrades and anything to do in a future maintenance window (e.g. moving database files, etc). The rest of the page is a change-log, meeting notes, major events, or any atypical settings.

    When someone from the server team or an application owner reaches out, I can pull up the page and do a quick scan to get the context of what they’re talking about.

  • Brent,

    Now that you have embraced TikTok as a serious platform, does it mean you do not share the US government’s fears about China mis-using the platform to steal vital data or whatever?

    • That kind of opinion just makes me laugh. I’ll translate it for you:

      “It’s important that only US companies like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used to spy on citizens.”

  • Welcome to the jungle. You will never get work done as you doom scroll for hours.


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