SQL Server Licensing Guide

DBA Training Plan 19: The L-Word, Licensing

You’ve gotten through a lot of this training. You’ve tried fixing the problem with indexes, query tuning, and judicious application of various configuration switches. You’ve been watching webcasts and using free scripts, but… Things just aren’t getting better. Before you start browsing your cloud vendor’s sizing price list or your favorite server vendor’s build-and-price site,…
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Thanks, Google

I usually can count on Google to figure out what I want to search for, even if there’s typos in my search. But sometimes Google just doesn’t get it right. I’m not Brent Ozar. I can’t afford a Rolex! Do you have any searches that Google or Bing didn’t get right and made you laugh? Drop…
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SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition Now Has Many Enterprise Edition Features.

Starting with today’s release of SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1, Standard Edition now has a lot more of the features of Enterprise Edition. Here’s the list from Microsoft’s announcement post: Performance features – in-memory OLTP (Hekaton), in-memory columnstore, operational analytics Data warehousing features – partitioning, compression, CDC, database snapshots Some security features – Always Encrypted,…
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Are You Getting the Benefits of Virtualization?

Here’s some of the reasons companies usually virtualize their SQL Servers: Cost savings on hardware Cost savings on Windows OS licensing Cost savings on SQL Server licensing Protect against the failure of a single hardware element Leverage extended features for Disaster Recovery Automatic load balancing across multiple hosts Easier hardware replacement/migration When we perform a SQL Critical…
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