How to Ask Microsoft a SQL Server Licensing Question


Licensing is hard, y’all. It changes often and it’s full of lots of little details. Microsoft puts out licensing datasheets, but they’re in a difficult spot — if they explain absolutely everything, the documents get longer and harder to understand. So they have to balance between brevity and clarity.

So when you’ve got a licensing question, your options are:

  • Post a question in Microsoft’s official SQL Server forum – because Stack Overflow doesn’t allow licensing questions, or
  • Find a Microsoft partner who sells licensing, and ask them – they’re usually willing to answer your question for free since they’ll make money off your licensing sale, or
  • Hire us for a SQL Critical Care® – in which we review your workloads, your business goals, and figure out what’s the right way to solve your challenges at the lowest cost, which can sometimes involve hardware or licensing changes

Hope that helps!