VMware vCloud Air SQL Summarized

After reading through yesterday’s announcements about VMware vCloud Air SQL, here’s a quick boiled-down version for busy people with jobs: It’s Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012 Enterprise Edition hosted in VMware’s data centers (not on-premises.) Only 3 instance sizes are available: small (2vCPU, 8GB RAM), medium (4vCPU, 16GB RAM) and large (8 vCPU). Drive…
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Are You Getting the Benefits of Virtualization?

Here’s some of the reasons companies usually virtualize their SQL Servers: Cost savings on hardware Cost savings on Windows OS licensing Cost savings on SQL Server licensing Protect against the failure of a single hardware element Leverage extended features for Disaster Recovery Automatic load balancing across multiple hosts Easier hardware replacement/migration When we perform a SQL Critical…
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Auto-Scaling SQL Server Always On Availability Groups with Virtualization

Time for a thought exercise. Thought exercises are hard. You’ve got a database application that has bursty and unpredictable loads. Out of nowhere, you’ll suddenly get socked with a large amount of SELECT queries. Due to the way the app is written, you can’t cache the query results – the queries keep changing, and the business…
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VMware HA is Not Database Server High Availability

I served with High Availability. I knew High Availability. High Availability was a friend of mine.  VMware HA, you’re no High Availability. See, for us database administrators, high availability means protection when: The system drive fills up because some potato decided to download a bunch of files An operating system or database server update goes…
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Why Your SQL Server Cluster Shouldn’t Be Virtualized

When people buy my virtualization training video, one of the followup questions I get most often via email is, “Can I build SQL Server clusters in VMware and Hyper-V?” In theory, yes.  Microsoft’s knowledge base article on SQL Server virtualization support says they’ll support you as long as you’re using configurations listed in the Server…
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SQL Server Virtualization Q&A

In my recent “Why Is My Virtual SQL Server So Slow?” webcast, we got a lot of great questions in chat.  Here’s some of the highlights: Question: “Why would I virtualize a 4-core server and turn it into a 2-core VM?  Doesn’t performance go down?” If you’ve got an existing physical box, and your only…
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Top 10 Keys to Deploying SQL Server on VMware

The most successful deployments of virtual SQL Servers have a few things in common.  When a company is doing all of these things, odds are they’re going to be very happy with their virtual SQL Servers: 10. Use vSphere 4.1, not earlier versions. vSphere 4.1 introduced major improvements in multi-CPU scheduling that vastly improve performance. …
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