PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter

The Professional Association for SQL Server has a few Virtual Chapters.  Formerly known as Special Interest Groups (SIGs), these are groups where people with similar interests can get together and talk shop.  It’s like that Furry group you belong to, only different.  Or maybe not so different. I’m starting up a Virtualization Virtual Chapter: a…
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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Virtualize SQL Server

I’ve blogged about why you should virtualize SQL Server, but it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.  Today we’re going to talk about some of the pitfalls and problems. When Virtualization Goes Right It’s Tougher to Get More Storage Throughput Servers connect to Storage Area Networks (SANs) with Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).  They’re like fancypants network…
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Why Would You Virtualize SQL Server?

I talked about why sysadmins want to virtualize servers, and today it’s time to talk about why you as a DBA or developer might want to virtualize some of your SQL Servers. Virtualization Means Cheap High Availability Yo momma was an early adopter. That’s right – you’re adopted. In a perfect world, every SQL Server…
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Partition alignment in virtual machines

Partition alignment is a setup trick for disk-intensive apps like Exchange and SQL Server that can have a 30% or more performance impact on  your server.  The setup information is in my SQL Server Setup Checklist, and Jimmy May has more details on the mechanics of partition alignment. If you run SQL Server in VMware,…
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SQL Server support on virtual servers

The Microsoft knowledge base article on SQL Server virtualization support just got an update.  Here’s the interesting part: “Versions of SQL Server after SQL Server 2005 will incorporate full support for running on a supported guest operating system that is installed on a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V virtual machine.” That means SQL Server 2008 will…
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Ugly month of outages

The past month has been a real challenge, filled with 70-80 hour weeks and clawing back from one disaster after another. In late June, IBM recommended that we upgrade the firmware on our DS4800 SAN controllers to fix some problems. We obliged, and two days later, our Exchange cluster rebooted without warning. We’d been having…
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