Reader Letter from Kelly J.

Hi Brent –

I would imagine you get many of these notes of appreciation for what you do but I just couldn’t leave the office for the day without say “Thank you so much”.  I would have never have thought that my personal investment would have paid such dividends.

Today, armed with the awesome information, knowledge and suggestions you provided in your SQL Server for VMware training,  I headed into what I thought would be a rather contentious meeting as we have been experiencing some serious performance issues for almost a year and the discussions just never went anywhere.

To make a long story short – it was amazing, I was able to bring them on board, got my reservations, got access to the ESX Hosts for checking performance and an admission that maybe the SAN could have been better configured for SQL Server.

I have been a fan for years – thanks again and I look forward to reading and hearing more from you, as always.

Best Regards,
Kelly J.

Wanna know what Kelly was raving about?  My 3-hour training session is half off until October 25. SOLD OUT!

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  • I agree – I purchased this training session when it was full price. The information in it is invaluable, even more so if you’re up against it with your SAN and VM admins. Even at full price it was an absolute steal, at half price you’d be mad no to.

  • Brent,

    I just finished your SQL Server for VMware training and it was top quality as always! In just 3 hours I gained more usable, real world information than I could have imagined! This is a must have in your own personal knowledge base if your working with or considering using VMs!

    Thanks again!
    Verone L.

  • Absolutely Great Course! – I too purchased this and it is uncovering so many hidden truths about virtualizing(To me atleast!) I need to watch the same for couple of times more! A Big THANK YOU from me!!

  • Agree, great training session.
    I combined it togheter with the “Storage Area Networks (SANs) for DBAs” session , 6-8 hours of extremly well invested time that made gave me a lot of ammo to use in conversations with storage/vm-admins.

  • Hi Brent:
    Any chance in buying this at this point. I know I am late to the party but would still like to try my chance. If not when will they be available again. I am getting into this VM on sql performance and kind of stuck with too little time and too much to learn..and if so where to learn from.!!



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