Basic VMware and Hyper-V Terminology for the SQL Server DBA

SQL Server DBAs often need to work with virtualization– and frequently need to work with multiple virtualization platforms. Many platforms have similar features, but they often have different names, and it’s hard to remember what everything’s called.

I’ve got a little cheat sheet for you for two of the platforms! (No offense, Xen fans, please don’t come after me.)

What is it? VMware name Hyper-V name
Management Tools, Free vSphere / web client Hyper-V Manager (snap-in)
Management Tools, Paid vCenter Server System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Automatic migration to another host if one fails High Availability (HA) High Availability (configured via a role in a Windows Failover Cluster)
Moving a VM from host to host vMotion Live Migration
Moving a VM from one storage subsystem to another Storage vMotion Storage Migration
Automatic load balancing DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) Dynamic Optimization in VMM (Virtual Machine Manager, a part of System Center)
Rules to keep VMs from being too close Affinity Rules for DRS Availability Sets, part of Intelligent Placement in VMM


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