SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 is out…now.

After just one release candidate, Microsoft has decided it’s ready to go, apparently! Well, kinda: the official build in the release notes is 15.0.2000.5, and there’s already a “servicing update” to 15.0.2070.41. I’m not sure I wanna know what’s going on there. Anyhoo, SQL Server 2019 is available for download now. This also means it’s…
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Data Driven Podcast

Podcast: Data Driven Inteview w/Me

I had the pleasure yesterday of spending an hour chatting with Andy Leonard and Frank La Vigne for the Data Driven podcast. Some of the questions they asked me include: How did you find your way into data? What’s your favorite part of your current gig? Complete this sentence: when I’m not working, I enjoy…
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Brent Reading Book

Poll: what’s in your development database?

When the developers at your company are working on building an app, where do they work? Production, a development database restored from production, or a development database with made-up contents? One-question poll, and you can watch the live results. I’ll post the results and my thoughts on Friday. I know what I see regularly out…
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