SQL Server 2019 is out…now.

After just one release candidate, Microsoft has decided it’s ready to go, apparently! Well, kinda: the official build in the release notes is 15.0.2000.5, and there’s already a “servicing update” to 15.0.2070.41. I’m not sure I wanna know what’s going on there. Anyhoo, SQL Server 2019 is available for download now. This also means it’s…
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Finding Froid’s Limits: Testing Inlined User-Defined Functions

This week, I’ve been writing about how SQL Server 2019’s bringing a few new features to mitigate parameter sniffing, but they’re more complex than they appear at first glance: adaptive memory grants, air_quote_actual plans, and adaptive joins. Today, let’s talk about another common cause of wildly varying durations for a single query: user-defined functions. Scalar…
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1 query, 3 parameters, 3 different plans

Parameter Sniffing in SQL Server 2019: Adaptive Joins

So far, I’ve talked about how adaptive memory grants both help and worsen parameter sniffing, and how the new air_quote_actual plans don’t accurately show what happened. But so far, I’ve been using a simple one-table query – let’s see what happens when I add a join and a supporting index: Transact-SQL CREATE INDEX IX_OwnerUserId_Includes ON…
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SQL Server 2019 Result Set Caching?

Friday’s new CTP 2.3 added a few new fields to sys.databases: But the highlighted one has me all tingly inside, kinda like the first time I heard Winona Ryders use the word “chainsaw” in a sentence. (Bonus points for readers who get that reference.) I don’t have any answers yet, folks. I just have questions.
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Brent Ozar reading

What’s New in SQL Server 2019 System Tables

The free SQL Server 2019 preview download is out, and here are quite a few things to check out that aren’t documented yet: New System Objects Starting with new stored procedures: sys.sp_add_feature_restriction sys.sp_autoindex_cancel_dta sys.sp_autoindex_invoke_dta sys.sp_cloud_update_blob_tier sys.sp_configure_automatic_tuning sys.sp_diagnostic_showplan_log_dbid sys.sp_drop_feature_restriction sys.sp_execute_remote sys.sp_force_slog_truncation sys.sp_internal_alter_nt_job_limits sys.sp_rbpex_exec_cmd sys.sp_set_distributed_query_context sys.sp_set_session_resource_group sys.sp_showinitialmemo_xml sys.sp_xa_commit sys.sp_xa_end sys.sp_xa_forget sys.sp_xa_forget_ex sys.sp_xa_init sys.sp_xa_init_ex sys.sp_xa_prepare sys.sp_xa_prepare_ex sys.sp_xa_recover sys.sp_xa_rollback…
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