Concurrency Week: How Entity Framework and NHibernate Can Cause Poison RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE Waits

I’ve already blogged about my dislike for ORMs from a production DBA performance tuning standpoint only. I get that they’re useful to developers. I get it. But I’m focused on performance. A quick recap of what I don’t like about ORMs from that other blog post: Implicit conversions due to nvarchar variables vs varchar columns…
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SQL Server 2017 CU3 adds tempdb spill diagnostics in DMVs and Extended Events

Where have you been all my life? Whenever I’m teaching people about query tuning, two things come up almost without fail: parameter sniffing and tempdb spills. They’re not mutually exclusive — some queries will seemingly always spill to tempdb, whether parameter sniffing is present of not, and some queries experiencing issues with parameter sniffing will never spill…
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What’s the Difference Between Estimated and Actual Execution Plans?

I’m going to use the dbo.Users table in the StackOverflow demo database and run a pretty simple query: Transact-SQL SELECT * FROM dbo.Users WHERE DisplayName LIKE 'Brent%'; 123 SELECT *FROM dbo.UsersWHERE DisplayName LIKE 'Brent%'; First, hit Control-L in SSMS and get the estimated execution plan. Here it is: Estimated execution plan: Click on the…
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