“But It Worked in Development!” – 3 Hard Performance Problems

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You’ve been performance tuning queries and indexes for a few years, but lately, you’ve been running into problems you can’t explain. Could it be RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE, THREADPOOL, or lock escalation? These problems only pop up under heavy load or concurrency, so they’re very hard to detect in a development environment.

In a very fast-paced session, I’ll show these three performance problems pop up under load. I won’t be able to teach you how to fix them for good – not inside the span of 75 minutes – but at least you’ll be able to recognize the symptoms when they strike, and I’ll show you where to go to learn more.

You watch the below PASS Summit 2017 session with a very special guest: I brought Pinal Dave up onstage with me to be the audience member and ask questions as they came to him. Enjoy!

Here’s my resources, tools, and reference posts:

Open Source Demo Script

Here’s the complete annotated demo script. Of course remember – don’t do this in production!


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