How to Use SQL Server’s Dedicated Admin Connection (DAC) – Video

SQL Server

You may have heard that there’s a secret back door into your SQL Server– but have you enabled access to it properly? Do you know when you might need to use it, and how you can connect? Kendra Little explains why the Dedicated Admin Connection (or “DAC”) is so important and how to configure remote access.

Don’t have 11 minutes / don’t have YouTube access? Head on over to our blog post on the DAC.

Jeremiah says: I had to use this once. I ran into a low memory situation on a SQL Server and Windows decided to page out SQL Server in the middle of the business day. The system ground to a halt, it was even unresponsive over RDP, and we had to hard power cycle the server (hold down the power button in the server room). I set up the DAC and the next time the issue happened, I was able to jump into the SQL Server, collect information, and then issue a graceful shutdown. This made it easier to diagnose the problem, too.

Brent says: Using the DAC is like knowing how to read the basics of DBCC CHECKDB output. You’re probably never going to need it, but when you do, just ten minutes of preparation will make a world of difference.

Jes says: What Brent said. A few minutes of practice every six months can save minutes or even hours of frustration – and potentially downtime – when faced with a real emergency.

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