[Video] What’s New in SQL Server 2019

We must be getting pretty close to the official release of Microsoft SQL Server 2019. There are less than 80 days left in the year. (Interestingly, it’s been almost 60 days since Release Candidate 1 shipped – that’s unusually long for a delay between builds. Hmm.)

With the clock ticking down, now’s a good time to take a 40-minute look at some of my favorite new features: deferred compilation for table variables, adaptive memory grants, adaptive joins, and air_quote_actual plans:

To learn more about this stuff:

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  • SQL Server 2019, Codename: Aris.

    For aficionados of Cockney rhyming slang, this could indicate trouble.

  • Thanks Brent! Great content as always, and the production value is off the charts.

  • Biggest problem I have right now with 2019 is that there’s still no release date, even a soft date! That’s keeping management from being willing to approve any project I propose for the year that would include 2019, which is a shame since in my personal testing it has a lot to offer! It wouldn’t be the first time a Microsoft product with the year in the product name didn’t release in its namesake year…

  • Look a gift horse in the mouth refers to checking the age of a horse through it’s teeth. It’s a way of saying don’t judge the value of a gift when you receive it.
    Additional my husband and I were at the Isle of Man this year for the Southern 100 – first time visiting the isle and it was fantastic! Amazingly friendly people. We are now planning a return for next year’s Classic TT.

    • It’s such a special place. I’d love to retire there except for the weather – the locals keep telling me, “No, seriously, the winter is not pleasant.”

      • It’s totally awesome place especially for motorcycle nuts. The problem we had in July is that the sun didn’t set until 10pm! messes with the sleep cycle. Conversely, for a full 3 months in the winter the sun rises at 9 and sets at 4pm- and no snow! (For my husband that is a negative) just a lot of rain. Sounds dreary, so winter would be total hibernation time (we snowmobile, so winter is an active time for us).

    • I think there is a proposal (from a guy named Justin) to rename it to the Isle of Person.

      Great video Brent, thank you!

  • Why all those “fantastic” features always have their drawbacks? At the age of AI and ML, Microsoft is unable to solve some problems once for all ? I know that is difficult, but with all the potential, they could do it better (without such huge drawbacks).

  • Michael Sosis
    October 15, 2019 4:32 pm

    I am going to the SQLIntersaction 2019 in Vegas. You are scheduled to give a presentation with the same subject… is it going to do the same presentation as in this video or are you planning to show some additional stuff?

  • Jakob Bindslet
    October 30, 2019 9:26 am

    Did anyone else notice that TDE is listed as included in Standard Edition in 2019 according to this preliminary page?
    … might just be a mistake …

  • Rafael A. Colon Garcis
    November 8, 2019 1:06 pm

    Very interesting and informative video, now we have more tools in the arsenal of getting better performance like the “adaptive memory grants” however for what you show here it could be a double edge source depending on the situation. This is just a signal that performance analysis for queries will continue to be more an art than a science on SQL 2019 and beyond , long live to the DBA.

  • Aneesh Jayakumar
    November 9, 2019 2:23 am

    very interesting and informative session. thank you so much!!

  • I really enjoyed this demo and I love your teaching style Brent.
    I would like to attend your trainings but unfortunately your´re not selling to the EU at the moment… GDPR
    Looking forward when it will be possible again.

  • Does 2019 honor OPTION (USE HINT ( ‘FORCE_LEGACY_CARDINALITY_ESTIMATION’ )) to use the 2012 Cardinality Estimator? When that changed in 2014 some of our code went south.


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