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You haven’t installed SQL Server 2019 yet, and you don’t want to sit through a bunch of slides. You want to see a series of real-world demos focusing on the features of SQL Server 2019 that will make your users happier with as little work as possible on your part. You don’t have time to rewrite all your queries or learn new languages – you just want the database to go faster.

I’m Brent Ozar, and I’ll give you the whirlwind tour. I’ll focus on just the features that make the biggest bang for the buck, things you can implement right away and see a noticeable difference. I’ll show you what kinds of code will benefit the most so you can go back to the office and have an honest discussion with management about what to expect.

No slides here – not even an about-me slide. Let’s dive into some queries!

To follow along, download the Stack Overflow database – any size will work, but onstage, I use the mid-size (50GB) Stack Overflow 2013 database.

Demo Script