SQL Server 2019 is out…now.

After just one release candidate, Microsoft has decided it’s ready to go, apparently! Well, kinda: the official build in the release notes is 15.0.2000.5, and there’s already a “servicing update” to 15.0.2070.41. I’m not sure I wanna know what’s going on there.

Anyhoo, SQL Server 2019 is available for download now.

This also means it’s time to pick winners for my SQL Server 2019 Release Date contest! First place goes to Aadhar Joshi, who correctly guessed 2019/11/04 first back in February, using the right date format and everything. Aadhar got Level 3 Bundle.

Runners-up with a Recorded Class Season Pass are Prather Surheley, Brent, Darren Scott, Pepe, Randy Hartwig, and Martin Henriksen, all of which also guessed the same date, but guessed after Aadhar.

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