And it looks bad even in shades.

PSPO: How SQL Server 2022 Tries to Fix Parameter Sniffing

Parameter sniffing is a notorious problem for Microsoft SQL Server because it tries to reuse execution plans, which doesn’t work out well for widely varying parameters. Here’s a primer for the basics about how it happens. SQL Server 2022 introduces a new feature called Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization. I’m not really sure why Microsoft capitalized…
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Brent Ozar

What’s New in SQL Server 2022 Release Candidate 0: Undocumented Stuff

SQL Server 2022
Microsoft has an official list of what’s new in 2022 overall, but here I’m specifically focusing on system objects that might be interesting to script developers like you and I, dear reader. New stored procedure sp_get_table_card_est_and_avg_col_len – I assume the “card” refers to statistics and cardinality, not Hallmark. SQL Server has historically struggled with memory…
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SQL Server 2022 Tells You Why A Query Can’t Go Parallel.

Until 2022, when a query couldn’t go parallel, all we got was a really cryptic note in the execution plan properties saying NonParallelPlanReason = CouldNotGenerateValidParallelPlan. But starting with SQL Server 2022, even when I’m running under older compatibility levels: ALTER DATABASE CURRENT SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = 140; /* 2017 */ GO DECLARE @TableVariable TABLE(Total BIGINT); INSERT…
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What’s New in SQL Server 2022

SQL Server, SQL Server 2022
Today at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft started dropping new details on the next version of SQL Server, 2022. Here’s a 13-minute video from Bob Ward explaining and demoing some of the new features: The new features include: Failover back/forth from SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL DB Managed Instances, including restoring versionless databases from Azure SQL…
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