SQL Server 2022 Slogan Contest Winners

Last week, I challenged y’all to come up with slogans for SQL Server 2022.

I have to confess that when I came up with the idea for that blog post, I thought y’all would take it seriously. I thought you’d come up with ideas that were meant to show off Microsoft’s hard work.

I should have known better.

Being readers of this blog, many of you share my oddball sense of humor, and you came up with totally goofy stuff. I laughed out loud a lot. Here are my 3 favorite entries, each of which won a Level 3 Bundle with a Live Class Season Pass, Recorded Class Season Pass, Consultant Toolkit, and SQL ConstantCare:

“SQL 2022 – When You’re *Almost* Ready for the Cloud” – Will

“SQL Server 2022 – Your data can rest Azure’d.” Will S.

“SQL Server 2022 – We added some new things but left all the broken things you’ve come to love” – Bo J. Anderson

Honorable Mentions:

I know I said I was only gonna pick 3 winners, but there were so many good ones that I had to take it up a notch. These 10 folks also won a Level 2 Bundle with a Recorded Class Season Pass, Consultant Toolkit, and SQL ConstantCare:

“SQL Server 2022: Something Something Blockchain” – Ryan A.

“SQL Server 2022: Now even a better way to store excel spreadsheets” – Leon Spangenberg

“Yo dawg, I heard you like SQL, so I made a sequel to your SQL so you can Error 1205 : Transaction (Process ID) was deadlocked on resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction.” – Edgar Evans Cayce III

“SQL Server 2022: because we know you didn’t like 2020 and 2021 too.” – Gustav Swanepoel

“Leave the gun. Take SQL Server 2022.” – Federico Minca

“SQL Server 2022: Pay Purview” – Andre Speek

“SQL Server 2022: We number a year ahead, but we’re really a decade behind” – Michael Paul

“SQL 2022 – Paved with Good Intentions ™” – Caroline

“SQL Server 2022: Now with Cloud Entanglement” – Kevin McDonnell

And a bonus winner, Mattia Nocerino actually drew a new logo:

SQL Server 2022

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