[Video] Office Hours on the Balcony Part 1

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I hang out on my balcony in San Diego with a gin & tonic and a bunch of your highly upvoted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:33 FishCakesForTea: I have designed a filtered index for a specific query but SQL Server doesn’t use it unless I move the columns in the WHERE clause (in the index and the query) into the INCLUDEd columns as well. Why do I have to do that? These columns are not in the SELECT statement or a join.
  • 04:25 HeavenKnowsIAmMiserableNow: Sometimes I tune a query and the logical reads are lower but the duration is consistently higher even after a few executions. What are the likely causes and is using reads as a performance yardstick misguided?
  • 06:13 NotMySelf: Hi Brent, what are your thoughts on the new multiple plans per query feature in SQL Server 2022?
  • 09:06 Alexandre Jobin: How can you know if your SQL Server is over provisionned (or under provisionned)? We are planning to go in the cloud and we are questionning the server specs.
  • 11:02 bobthebuilder: Hi Brent, My friend has a table of 18M rows with no primary key or clustered index. But there are 6 non-clustered indexes, few on null and nvarchar columns. Is it advisable to change one of the index to a clustered index for better performance even though having duplicates values
  • 13:13 DrDrakken: Hi Brent! My friend’s DB has tables with a lot of columns. For reasons this is not to be changed in an easy way. Is the rule of max 5 indexes per table still valid if you have about 50 columns where 4 of them are foreign keys and therefore already having an index?
  • 15:36 UseLessFellow: I am excited to join in the class. but at the same time one of your suggestions about getting a certification is useless because it doesn’t provide any job opportunity, if that is the case after your course done what are the opportunities you will provide? and pls provide a path
  • 18:29 Peter Sawatzki: Hi Brent, would you put tempdb files on an unmirrored storage volumes or unmirrored ssd volumes ?
  • 19:26 Mordac: Hi Brent, do you have any best practices for optimizing linked server query performance (i.e. putting servers on same switch, etc)?
  • 21:14 i’m_a_null_set: Hi Brent. Love your content and classes. Asking for a friend: Is there a hierarchy for which pages SQL server will flush out first when it needs memory for queries? Are some pages more expendable than others, such as indexes that won’t get used by the query?
  • 23:26 The SQL Guy: Hey Brent. Let’s say you have a query that INNER JOINS the orders table twice, using different fields, so different indexes are used. When you look at the execution plan, there is a troublesome Key Lookup. How do I know which index I should modify to get rid of the Key Lookup?
  • 25:50 Thunderous roars
  • 26:29 Doug: On average, after becoming a DBA, how long does a person experience “imposter syndrome?”
  • 29:07 Stranger in the night: Hi Brent! Long time listener, first time caller. Who does the drawings of you that we see when you post?
  • 30:29 Gio: Who is the “Brent Ozar” of PostgreSQL?
  • 31:47 Wrap-up
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  • More vids like these, Brent. I’m a long time fan and the easy, casual nature of these vids was almost like yoga for me but with some mentorship thrown in.

    You nailed an aesthetic here that I think is desirable for the rest of us.


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