Black Friday is coming.

Every November, I run a massive month-long Black Friday sale. Here’s a preview of what we’ll be doing in 2019:

Level 1: Fundamentals
Level 3: Live Classes With Lab VM

The fine print:

  • Still no sales to the EU due to the GDPR, sorry. I’d really hoped to get that in place for this year’s sale, but we couldn’t quite get there.
  • Credit card payments only – not doing checks during early access.
  • Buying for someone else? The billing email address needs to be the email address of the person who will be getting the training. The buyer can use their own name/address/etc, but the email address absolutely has to be the person who’s gonna attend the classes. If you’re worried about getting the receipt, don’t worry – it’s shown to you during the checkout process, and you just need to print/PDF it then.
  • This is a subscription, but you can cancel whenever you like without talking to a human being. After logging in, go to My Subscriptions, and you can cancel your subscriptions, but keep using them up til the next billing cycle. Just click Cancel once, and it’ll show “Pending Cancelation” – that means you won’t be billed again. (If you click Cancel twice, you can outright cancel it period and it stops your access immediately. You probably don’t wanna do that.)